National Society of IT Service Providers

Welcome to the National Society for IT Service Providers. We are a professional association representing SMB – small and medium business – IT consultants. We focus on education, professionalism, and promoting the interests of IT professionals everywhere.

Our Mission:

We provide pathways to establish high standards and ethics, and to improve the perception and credibility of the IT profession through actions driven by member engagement.


Whether you call yourself a computer consultant, an MSP, a VAR, a systems integrator, a solution provider, a reseller, or something else, we are here to help you to be as successful as possible. We are committed to helping you achieve success by adopting an effective business model, running your business well, and representing your interests to the business community generally.

To that end, we have produced a document called the Transformation of an Industry into a Profession. There is also a recorded webinar introducing these pillars and taking questions from the community.

Please note: This site and association are intended to promote the conversation about professionalism and the long-term interests of our members. So any documents you find here are starting places for conversation. If you think something is not quite right, please jump into the conversation and help us all get better. 

Right now, you can join the conversation by becoming a member. You’ll be invited to any online events to continue the discussion.

Note on tax deductions:

We are a 501(c)(6) non-profit member association. As a result, all membership fees are a 100% legit business expense that you’ll enter into QuickBooks as “Dues and Memberships.” This is because your professional association is an ordinary and necessary business expense.

You might have limits on the tax deductibility of charitable contributions. But as a business expense, you can reduce taxable income by the full amount of your membership.

Thank you for your support!

– Karl W. Palachuk, Executive Director

Draft Code of Ethics

We encourage all members (and non-members) to follow and post to your web site some version this Code of Ethics.

As a professional IT service provider, we pledge to:

Be Competent

IT Service Providers will work to stay educated and capable in all areas for which they represent themselves to be competent. They will not knowingly claim competence that they do not possess.

Be Honest

In presenting themselves to prospects, and in all engagements with clients, IT Service Providers will provide honest information about products, services, pricing, and related matters. This includes the accurate representation of work performed and the products and services offered for sale.

Be Forthright with Clients

This includes registering client hardware, software, and services in the client's name and not the IT Service Provider's. It also includes providing the client with a reasonably useful copy of their network documentation. Implicit in this requirement is the fact that the client has paid for all of these things and that ownership or licensing should be in the client's name/possession. This also includes disclosing any possible conflict of interest between the IT Service Provider and the client.

Be Legal in All Activities

IT Service Providers will follow applicable laws with regard to business operations, sales, data protection, privacy, and all other manners.

Be Fair

IT Service Providers will treat everyone (clients, employees, suppliers, vendors, etc.) impartially without regard to ethnicity, age, gender, disability, sexual orientation, nationality, language, religious beliefs, or political beliefs.

Be Discreet

IT Service Providers will sign non-disclosure agreements with all clients and employees, and work earnestly to protect client confidentiality and intellectual property.

Be Professional

IT Service Providers will sign contracts with clients that are reasonable in nature and not intended to give an unreasonable or undue advantage to the IT Service Provider. IT Service Providers will conduct all business with the highest standard of ethics.

This is just a starting place

The National Society of IT Service Providers was founded in 2021 by author and community influencer Karl W. Palachuk. It was incorporated shortly after as a 501(c)6 non-profit membership association.

Eventually, we would love to see a movement toward professionalism in the IT industry in every state and province in North America, and beyond that as well. In our early video calls, we had people from Germany, the UK, and Australia. Clearly, there’s a lot of interest in coming together as a community to help create our future with intention.

We have many volunteers, but we can always use more. We now have a Board of Directors and a few Committees that meet on a regular basis. We schedule membership meetings once per quarter (Check the “News” link above).

Please fill out the form to join today. We know everyone is crazy busy. But regulation and legislation are coming, whether you participate or not. And it will be very sad if we are subject to legislation written by and for large corporations who do not face our challenges or even risk going out of business due to these challenges.

Take a moment (less than a minute!) to fill out the form