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Geeks-r-Us, Inc.

Candidate Statement

Candidate Prompt:
Please tell us why you wish to serve in this office. You may include actions you wish to promote, or anything you would like members to know. Limit 500 words.

My start as a consultant to businesses on computer systems began in the mid-1980’s. As a long-time member of this profession, I have always worked to raise up the level of ethics and standards of the industry, including actively supporting the Independent Computer Consultants Association (ICCA) in the 80’s.
I have served on the NSITSP Formation Committee as its vice-chair since it’s inception Sept 2021. As it now transitions to a Governance Committee, I feel that my experience and background can be a positive force in the growth of the Society.

Relevant Experience

Candidate Prompt:
Please describe your relevant experience – what you bring to the office. Limit 500 words.

Beginning in the days when Novell was the predominate hardware/software solution for SMB networks, I bring almost 40 years of observing and participating in not only the workings but the transformation of our profession and how [our] clients interact with our product and services.  Our firm focuses on support for boutique law firms among other select industries.

In addition to my industry credentials, I have extensive experience serving on the boards of a variety of non-profit organizations across the spectrum of business, healthcare, environment, and education.  I am also formerly a practicing Parliamentarian and member of the American Institute of Parliamentarians.

I have been a member of the Formation/Governance Committee of the NSITSP since its inception, and currently serve as its vice-chair.

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Geeks-r-Us, Inc.

Special Skills

Board development
Strategic planning
Parliamentary Rule

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