Marketing Committee

The purpose of the Marketing Committee is to create clear and concise messages, for both internal and external audiences, and then communicate these via various channels to further the goals of the NSITSP. This charter was written at a moment in time and should be revised at least annually.


Create and communicate messages to increase the membership of the NSITSP

Ensure that members are informed of goals, activities and results of the NSITSP

To create the strategy and grow the brand of the NSITSP

Deliverables / Outputs

Written communications plan to drive new membership

Contribute significantly to a quarterly newsletter

Written brand strategy

Critical Success factors

Ability to get messages to targeted audiences (e.g. legislative leads and staff, prospective members, potential sponsors and others)

Capacity to generate sufficient content for various projects

Create imaginative messages that capture the attention of our target audiences

Committee Roster

The Chair is voted in by the current Committee Members.
All Members and the Chair serve for a minimum of one year.

Committee Chair
Andy Higgins
View Profile of Andy Higgins
Todd Curtis View Profile of Todd Curtis
Steve Kazan View Profile of Steve Kazan
Todd Blair View Profile of Todd Blair

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Code of Ethics

Check out the brand new Code of Ethics presented at the Quarterly Member Meeting on Nov 9. It’s still a draft,  feedback welcome.

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