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Company Memberships

Choose the tier that’s right for you.

Commit to professionalism and high standards as a team.

Why Choose a Company Membership

Professional Member

A designated member may vote, run for election, and participate at full on behalf of the company.

Associate Members

All company staff are added as Associate Members and can access all resources, forums, meeting minutes and are encouraged to participate on committees.

Built-in Code of Ethics

Adopt and engage your staff in the NSITSP Code of Ethics to influence your company standards on a cultural level.

Impress your clients

Your company commitment to professionalism and standards improves your reputation and builds trust with the companies you serve.

Choose your company tier

Each Company Membership has one paid, Professional Membership. This member can vote, may be elected to the board or a committee, and enjoy all benefits of full membership.

Other company employees are Associate Members. Associate Members have full access to the website including forums, meeting minutes, and member resources. While they can’t vote or be elected to a seat, they are encouraged to join and participate during committee meetings. 

Company Membership

Tier 1

$150 per year
Company Membership

Tier 2

$375 per year
Company Membership

Tier 3

$1250 per year
Company Membership

Tier 4

$2500 per year

Company benefits between tiers are identical. The only difference is the number of staff you’re able to add as Associate Members.
Vendors should first consider joining the Vendor Partner Program.

Company Memberships FAQs

Company membership is intended for organizations with employees, and certainly for those who are growing. 

  1. Benefits are identical except for two things: Associate Members cannot vote in any elections or other member-based vote.
  2. Associate Members cannot run for election for a Committee or the Board of Directors
Note: An Associate Member may choose to become a Professional Member as an individual. This requires a separate account and agreement to act as an individual, not on behalf of an employer.

Each company can make their own decision about this.

Keep in mind: Since the Professional Member has voting rights and can run for election, this member should be chosen carefully. In most cases, it is likely the owner or another top-level staff member.

You are welcome and encouraged to join. You may choose either the individual Professional Membership or the Tier 1 Company membership. Just be aware that the Professional membership does not include Associate memberships for your staff.

YES! While you may choose to participate as an Associate member under your employer, we would love to have you as an individual Professional member.

Your Professional Membership would be separate login (email) from your employer-based Company Membership, and could follow you to another employer.

Yes – just choose the tier that’s right for you and complete the form. It will upgrade your account and give you access to add your employees as associates.

Commit your Company to Professionalism

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Code of Ethics

Check out the brand new Code of Ethics presented at the Quarterly Member Meeting on Nov 9. It’s still a draft,  feedback welcome.

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