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UPDATED POST – It was pointed out that my taste in graphics is confusing with regard to a business I own. This was not my intent. But I have created some new graphics that I hope are not like anything I’ve used before. PLUS, I’ve created them so you can drop your logo into the graphic to maximize your association with the NSITSP.

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One of our members requested graphics made specifically for Facebook and LinkedIn. So, in my spare time over the holiday, I created some. They’re not great, but they get the job done. Any real artists out there?

Also: Check out the Social Media Kit for more resources!

Here is the Facebook graphic. Note that there are hefty margins that will not appear on certain devices. The core graphic and background design should show on phones, desktops, and tablets.

Right click to download for Facebook

Here’s the LinkedIn graphic. Note that the logo is to the right so it won’t be obscured by your profile photo.

Right click to download for LinkedIn

Finally, here’s a graphic you can customize for YouTube:

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Check out the brand new Code of Ethics presented at the Quarterly Member Meeting on Nov 9. It’s still a draft,  feedback welcome.

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