The Future of IT – Organizing Meeting

July 21st at 9am Pacific / Noon Eastern Legislation is coming, and we need to establish ourselves as part of the discussion.


It’s time to start actually meeting and figuring out some action steps to move toward the new reality. So we’re holding a Zoom meeting, open to anyone who’s interested.

There is no “presentation” here. I have a few ideas, but I’ve been spelled them out in blog posts, white papers, and a webinar. Now I want to start a conversation around the challenges and opportunities we face.

In some sense, we have plenty of time. Governments and major corporations tend to work slowly. But in another sense, time is short. When “incidents” happen, action tends to take place rather quickly. When that happens, we will either be at the table or not.

What does it take to be at the table? We need to establish ourselves as a part of the discussion that cannot be ignore. In addition to representing our industry, we also need to represent our small- and medium-sized clients. Like us, they are being acted upon, without a seat at the table.

Please register for this meeting. That way, we can send you a link to the recording even if you miss it. But I very much prefer that you attend and contribute your ideas. Here’s the info again:

Zoom Meeting
The Future of IT – Organizing Meeting
Wednesday, July 21st

9AM Pacific / Noon Eastern

Register at: so you’ll get a reminder.



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