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The NSITSP Legislative Committee works to build a legislative self-advocacy skillset among our members. This self-advocacy skillset is extraordinarily important as we need to have knowledgeable members to have discussions with state legislators. The committee has written several guidelines to help our members understand the process.

The newest guideline is a Model Legislation Document that you might use to start the conversation about what might be an acceptable state bill. This type of document is often asked for by legislators. This is a draft proposal that we are looking for constructive review and discussion with our members.

This “model” registration act is a draft piece developed by the Legislative Committee after more than eight months work. It is being presented for public discussion – NOT as proposed legislation, but as an educational tool and a focal point for discussing important issues.

One day, legislators will turn to their staff and ask, “What can we do?”

We need to be prepared for this conversation. In order for that to happen, we need to be familiar with the topics, the options, and the people who will be discussing them. We also need to have members who are known to legislators and their staff. We need to be part of the conversation before the conversation takes place.

Please download and join in the conversation!

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