Filing Closes August 31 – Election Update

Election Update


Election Update

Election Update!

This post is intended for THREE audiences:

  1. Those who have NOT filed for office
  2. Those who have filed for office
  3. Those who wish to sit on the sidelines.

First – Those who have not yet filed. Time is running out! You have until end-of-day August 31st to file for office. To file, browse to and click “File for Candidacy.”

Once you click to create your candidacy profile, the system will create a campaign page just for you, with your profile information. Add your social media links, a statement, square picture, etc.

If you want to know more about the various offices/committees, click on the Committees link on the yellow menu bar. This will take you to brief descriptions of the Board of Directors and each of the committees. As for you statement, we recommend you draft it in Notepad or another program and paste into the web form.

Then, read the next part of this blog post.

Second – Those who have already filed for office. Time is running out! Many folks have not posted profile pictures or entered other key information. You have until August 31st to make update, tweak, fine-tune, and “finish” your profile.

We highly recommend that everyone running for office post your information and candidacy links on social media. If you have an audience of friends in the IT industry, great: Let them know to vote for you! If you don’t, great! Let your clients and prospects know that you are running to serve in the leadership of a national association of IT professionals. This is great P.R. stuff.

Campaigning officially begins September 1st. We’ve set up an Elections Forum (see ) where you can discuss your candidacy and reach out to other members. Remember, we also have a Members area where you can connect to and communicate with other members directly. Click on “My Account” in the upper right hand corner to find that link.

In other words: Run for office now that you’ve decided to run for office!

Third – Folks who just want to sit on the sidelines: Please get involved. You don’t have to run for office. But please read the candidate statements. Consider helping a candidate get their message out. Show up to meetings, participate in the forums, and VOTE when the time comes.

In several different contexts, we are reminded that many people are just watching us to determine whether we’ll be successful. Here’s a little foresight: We will be successful! There’s a great deal of dedication and passion behind this movement. And I say movement intentionally.

NSITSP is not just another organization trying to get a bunch of money from vendors so we can all get rich. Our purpose – our actual Mission – is to improve the professionalism and reputation of our industry. This movement is long overdue. And now it’s here. And it’s not going anywhere.

Please jump in with both feet. We all need a strong membership to be successful.


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