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We sent out an email update today. Board/Committee Deadline. Professional Membership. More.

In case you haven’t see the email, it’s here:

Here’s the gist:
Notes from Karl
Again: Thank you all for getting involved, volunteering, and applying to serve.

The Board has been busy. We hope to schedule another all-member meeting soon.

We have a few BIG announcements here. I want to keep this short and actionable.

We have over 400 members registered on the web site – – and over 500 on this mailing list.

We will be setting up a separate email list with the email address. Note that this means we will export this list from Constant Contact then re-import it into the new account. So don’t freak out when you see that activity. And be sure to white-list the domain.

Note: If you donated $100 or more, we will contact you personally with information on joining the Professional membership at no additional charge.

Action Step: You can go now to the web site and officially JOIN or donate.
Board Update
The Board of Directors has set August 31st as the last day to apply to serve on the Board.
Apply at Board has decided to fill FOUR additional seats at this time.

Committee Update
The Board of Directors has set August 31st as the last day to apply to serve on the initial committees they’ve identified.
Apply at

Paid (Professional) Membership is now open at
The Board has created two membership levels. Additional levels and pricing may be determined at a later date. Note that the membership fee is low enough that there’s no excuse for that to be a deterrent. Right now, we need numbers.

Professional Member (Annual Fee: $ 100)
– Can access all “member content” on the web site, including Forums and downloads
– Can serve on Committees (limit one named person per paid membership) 
– Can vote for Committee positions and Board of Directors (limit one vote per paid membership) 
– Limit one paid membership per company. Other employees may be Registered members. 
– Requires two letters of character from either a client or paid level member of NSITSP (initial year only)
– Can use the NSITSP Member Logo on web site, etc.

Action Step: Join as a Professional Member Today!
Note: If you registered on the web site already, we are considering you a Registered Member. To participate fully, please go sign up as a Professional Member.
Thank you.
Join Now: Register as a member at – and tell everyone on your contact to do the same!
Thank you for taking the time to join us.
– Karl W. Palachuk, Executive Director

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Code of Ethics

Check out the brand new Code of Ethics presented at the Quarterly Member Meeting on Nov 9. It’s still a draft,  feedback welcome.

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