Revised Membership Program – Early Thoughts


The Governance Committee has been working very hard to craft the “next” version of our general membership program. Here is a draft of their current thinking. The committee would love YOUR feedback. Please do so here or in the member forum: Who is the Member? (Note: You must be logged in to access forums.)

First, an overview of the proposal. Non-paying guests are currently referred to as “Registered Members.” The committee proposes changing this to guests, noting that members have committed a small amount of money to be paid members.

Second, the core building block of membership is the paid Professional Member. A paid Professional Member might be an individual or the named Professional Member in a company. We have long held that each company has no more than one vote. That is obtained by having one named Professional Member per company.

Third, there will be tiers of Company members. Companies are divided by the number of employees. The idea is that all employees may be “Associate Members,” but will not be able to vote in elections or to hold an office. For example, an MSP with ten employees would have one Professional Member and nine Associate Members.

Associate Members have access to forums, internal documents, and everything on the web site that is open to Professional Members. Associate Members may attend committee meetings, but they would not be official members, so they will not vote on motions.

Fourth, Vendor Partners are those companies that have contributed at a larger level and are part of the Vendor Partner Program (defined at Each Vendor Partner includes one Company Membership and therefore one Paid Professional membership as well as a number of Associate memberships.

Here’s a rough diagram of how the program would look:

Draft Concept for New Membership Program

Note, please, that the names for membership levels are truly placeholders. We do not intend to have a membership level named “Huge.” We would love to have your ideas for tier names. The Governance Committee agreed to let people self-identify with regard to their tier levels. The idea is that you will select based on the number of employees, but we’re not going to validate your choice.

Professional Member benefits – $125/year

  • Able to self-designate as MSP, VAR, Vendor, Educator, Media, etc.
  • Access to members-only information on the website such as: reports, files, membership directory and forums
  • Access to training regarding ethics and industry best practices*
  • Legislative updates and advocacy guidance*
  • Attend public, private and committee meetings
  • Can vote in NSITSP elections
  • Listed in the Membership Directory
  • Can serve on Committees
  • Member to member communication
  • Receive digital membership logo to use for website, business cards, etc.
  • Adhere to the NSITSP code of ethics

*in development

Big questions to discuss here or in the forum linked above:

  1. What do you think overall? Are we headed in the right direction?
  2. What names should we have for the four tiers?
  3. Is four the right number of tiers?
  4. Do these breaking points makes sense?
  5. Do these price levels make sense?

— — —

A HUGE Thank You to the Governance Committee

Now it’s your turn to give feedback. Please give us your feedback on the member forum: Who is the Member? (Note: You must be logged in to access forums.)

Note: There might be some typos or other mistakes here. I’ll take the blame for those and ask your forgiveness now.

Thank you to all of our members for their support!


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Code of Ethics

Check out the brand new Code of Ethics presented at the Quarterly Member Meeting on Nov 9. It’s still a draft,  feedback welcome.

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