Executive Search Taskforce Named


The work begins . . .

The Board of Directors met in special session today and appointed the following members to the Executive Search Taskforce. This taskforce will have a great deal of work ahead of them.

Our organization is now moving forward with attending in-person events, tracking legislation, and even getting ready for the next election cycle in August. So the Taskforce has an extremely important charge: Determining or executive administration as the NSITSP moves up to the next level of professionalism and growth.

The Taskforce members are:

  • Amy Babinchak
  • Chris Barber
  • Jeff Grenier
  • Heather Johnson
  • Steve Kazan
  • Corey Kirkendoll
  • Larry Mandelberg
  • Karl Palachuk
  • Katherine Vigil
  • Denis Wilson

They will begin meeting soon and report to the Board of Directors (and you) from time to time.

A big Thank You goes out to these hearty volunteers!


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