Resource: RMM Opinion Pieces

Three IT opinion leaders give their views on the use (or non-use) of RMM tools, especially in response to recent cybersecurity events.


I am posting this here because the question of using and configuring RMM tools has emerged in response to the recent attack against Kaseya and its users.

Amy Babinchak from Third Tier held a meeting to discuss how she operates without an RMM. There were lots of questions, also captured in the recording. You can view the replay here:

Dave Sobel from the Business of Tech podcast posted a commentary asking whether it’s time to drop your RMM altogether. As always, Dave has an interesting perspective and backs it up with stats. You can view his commentary here:

Several people responded to both of these with a bit of irritation because they believe that MSPs are defined by the fact that they use RMM tools. As it turns out, my my SOP video last Friday was directly related to this. It asks the questions “What is an MSP?” and “What is Not an MSP?” See that video here:

I note for the record that my video is actually the beginning of a project to post some resources on this web site to help MSPs address these kinds of news stories from the MSP’s perspective. Of course, your feedback is welcome.

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