Governance Committee

This committee was formed with the intent of codifying the best-practices of governance for the National Society of Information Technology Service Providers (NSITSP) association and monitors their implementation.


Recommend to the board which committees are needed for the operation of the not-for-profit membership association (the Society).

Ensure that the operational framework of the organization is properly engineered for the ongoing pursuit of its purpose statements; vision, mission, and values statements.

Periodically review the governing documents of the organization and amend as necessary

Monitor the charters and policies for all committees

Maintain the guidelines for and oversee the election process and ensure the integrity of the elections.

Provide policy and procedural guidance for committees and the board.

Create and maintain polices and procedures as needed.

Deliverables / Outputs

Recommendations to the board for which committees are needed for the society

Review charter and operating procedures for each committee

Provide a summary of any surveys to the Society membership

Are the committees meeting the needs of the Society?

Survey of committees about the work they are doing and if they have clear direction and the resources they need to accomplish their goals

Make recommendations to the Board on issues of governance that need to be addressed

Fair and successful elections

Budget, as needed

Critical Success factors

Be responsive to all Board requests

Effective collaboration between committee members in achieving our objectives

Setup and oversee successful and repeatable election process

Completing the Objectives and Deliverables of the committee

Committee Roster

The Chair is voted in by the current Committee Members.
All Members and the Chair serve for a minimum of one year.

Committee Chair
Jason Thomas
View Profile of Jason Thomas
Diana Giles View Profile of Diana Giles
Bret Erickson View Profile of Bret Erickson
David Yates View Profile of David Yates
Lisa Marie Papp View Profile of Lisa Marie Papp
Carmine Corridore View Profile of Carmine Corridore
Scott Carr View Profile of Scott Carr
Doug Goglio View Profile of Doug Goglio

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Check out the brand new Code of Ethics presented at the Quarterly Member Meeting on Nov 9. It’s still a draft,  feedback welcome.

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