Retirement is So Twentieth Century – Making the Move from Self-Employment to … What’s Next


If you’re self-employed and looking to retire one day, this webinar is for you.
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Nov 15, 2023

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9:00 PST


1 Hour




For the self-employed, retirement looks different than for the rest of the workforce. For traditional workers, the road to retirement consists of working, working, working until they, well, stop working. At the same time these folks go from pumping money into saving to drawing money out.

For those of us who are self-employed, the transition is quite different. We work, save, and spend all the time. Transitioning to retirement involves shifting this balance that we’ve grown so used to.

But it also involves more than that. In the 2020’s, you might not “retire” all, but transition to a different mix of working, consulting, and spending more time on hobbies and family adventures. You might gig a bit, work six months on/six months off, or do whatever makes you happy.

None of that will fall into place by itself. Do you even have a hobby? Do you know where you might travel for a month? Today’s post-work, non-retirement can be anything you want. But you still need to prepare. You have to make sure your personal finances are set up properly. You have to know where you want to live out your dream. And you need to craft a new life for yourself – made possible by the work you’ve done over the last twenty or thirty years.

This is NOT just another “Exit Strategy” seminar. Long-time community leaders Amy Babinchak and Karl Palachuk will cover the other side of planning for your traditional post-work life as a self-employed consultant.

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