NSITSP 2023 Election Results

2023 NSITSP Election results are in! All of our officers are now serving two-year terms. Congratulations to everyone who ran.


THANK YOU to everyone who ran for office – and everyone who voted! Among other results, we have a new member on the Board of Directors. With this election, we have now completed the transition to having all elected officers chosen for two-year terms.

We had forty-three (43) members cast ballots. The number of openings per committee varied. Recall: Last year, about half of each body (board or committee) was elected for two years and half for one year. Starting with this election, the remaining seats are all elected for two years.

Per our by-laws, we are now on course to elect about half of each body each year and all terms are for two years. When there’s a vacancy, the body is empowered to fill its own vacancies, and those people will serve through the next general election.

Now, here are the results.

The Board of Directors had three openings. Here are the results:
Steven Kazan 29 votes / 24% – Elected
Christopher Barber 25 votes / 21% – Elected
Corey Kirkendoll 25 votes / 21% – Elected
Jason Thomas 22 votes / 18%
Jeff Grenier 17 votes / 14%

Elected to the Finance Committee:
David Streit 43 votes / 100%

Elected to the Governance Committee:
Carmine Corridore 42 votes / 35%
Scott Carr 39 votes / 32%
Doug Goglio 38 votes / 31%

Elected to the Legislative Committee:
Trevor Dierdorff 41 votes / 34%
Mark Jennings 39 votes / 32%
Denis Wilson 39 votes / 32%

Elected to the Marketing Committee:
Cameron Brister 42 votes / 53%
David Phillips 36 votes / 46%

Newly-elected officers: Stay tuned for an email with onboarding information! Congratulations to everyone.


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