Hey you! Volunteers are needed

Communications, Marketing and Badging all need volunteers! We have leadership and committee member opportunities available. We need you!


We have a bunch of open opportunities for you to help this Society make a difference. Not everything that this organization does is as glamorous as mapping out what professionalism looks like for our industry, developing the means for consumers to tell the difference between levels and set expectations, or even to educate and review legislation. Some of it is to make sure that our organization functions and it is just as important, perhaps even more so, as the glamor shots.

Communications Team needs you to be our voice

As a professional organization, it’s important that our communications are consistent, regardless of the author or topic. They need ‘that’ look and to represent the society in a positive light. We also anticipate the need for someone to write up position papers when important legislative and industry perception issues arise. Where does the NSITSP stand on <insert latest hot topic here>? We want the media to know!

To facilitate this important role, the Board of Directors has authorized the creation of a Communications Team. This Team might rise to the level of elected committee in the future. But for now, we’re ready to make appointments and get the Team to work. We need a bunch of people! We need worker bees, we need IT professionals with varying areas of expertise, and we will need some communications professionals. If you’re willing to serve, please send an email to admin@nsitsp.org along with your bio and interest.

Marketing lead for the NSITSP

The Marketing committee is highly active and overworked. They’ve been recruiting speakers and putting on webinars on a regular schedule. They are short a couple of members and a leader. We need someone with experience in online webinars, events, and online marketing. We need a person of action who not only has the ideas but the time to help us implement them along with the committee members. We also need additional committee members to lighten the load and take on some of the tasks. We aren’t talking about a huge amount of work, but we do need workers who can work the spread the message of the Society while building content of value to the membership.

If you’re willing to service, please send an email to admin@nsitsp.org. Include your bio and level of interest. The committee themselves will appoint you.

Badges taskforce

Before you ask, we do need badges! We need quite a few of them and this taskforce is a temporary group to act fast upon the recommendations of the Governance Committee as accepted by the Board, that we develop a badging program to recognize individuals and corporations. You’ll not only be deciding what the badges look like but what the procedure is for monitoring compliance, recognizing new members, and all the things that go with a program like this. It’s important because badges will eventually grow into accreditation in the great someday. You can have a hand at setting that wheel in motion.

These are the types of badges:

  • having a published ethics statement
  • being duly registered in your state
  • carrying insurance
  • holding office in society
  • being a committee member
  • staffing our booth at events

Really any number of things could be badged. It’ll be up to this taskforce to make it happen. If you’d like to volunteer for this important task please message karl@smallbizthoughts.com and provide your bio and interest.

As you can see, we need you. Decide which volunteer position is best for you and let us know.

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