Reviewing 2023

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NSITSP is still a new organization by anyone's measure, so each year has been filled with significant changes.


Hindsight is always 20/20 they say. This is the reason why we like to look back and see what we did well and what we didn’t do so well around this time of the year. Somehow the flip of the calendar’s last page, even in this digital age, makes us feel that opportunity is knocking, and the future is right there ahead of us.

The reality is, of course, that the future is always right there just in front of us. Pausing to notice it is what is different about December 31st and January 1st.

What we did well

NSITSP is still a new organization by anyone’s measure so each year has been filled with significant changes. We’re still on that rapid change track.

  • 3 public meetings to introduce ourself to the world
  • Convened an Executive Search Committee
  • Hired Bolder Strategies as our Assocation Management Firm
  • Webinars! Public and member only on Insurance, managing the Press, Hacking MFA, Change Management, AI for customer service.
  • The AI working group created a working AI toolkit
  • Model Legislation developed
  • Established a relationship with CISA and became members of an on-going advisory committee.
  • Recognized the Right to Repair
  • Offered free business coaching at Channel Partners via our supporter WiseHer
  • Landed on the most valuable Associations list for IT
  • Expanded our member resources including AI and Legislative education
  • Established the AI Roundtable and Legislative Q&A as regular monthly educational series.
  • Introduced Company membership whereby all of your staff become affiliates and get benefits of membership.
  • Represented at SMBTechFest, ChannelPro, ASCII, ChannelPartners, XChange, ITCompass events, usually with free booth space and a speaking opportunity from these fine supporting organizations. if I missed someone, I’m sorry. Let me know.
  • Adopted new signage to support three booths

I’m really proud of all of the volunteers who made these things happen. For those in the trenches pushing to get things organized and promoted, it may seem like a slow arduous process but upon reflection, you can see from this list that you did some good work.

What we could do better at and where we need your help

We don’t just look back and pat ourselves for a job well done, we also need to be honest about where we can improve, make that list, and tackle it in the new year. Here’s a partial list of what we could do better and where we need your help.

  • Advanced notice and promotion of our events
  • Improve the newsletter
  • Expand social media posting in breadth and frequency
  • Grow our member numbers!
  • Send bills in a timely manner
  • Use existing resources to expand the opportunities for our vendor members.
  • Attend more events! We need you to get us into them please
  • See an increase in member participation in webinars and events

It’s not a terrible list. Growing pains. The pain of being volunteer organization. We can and will do better. Small increments will make a big difference. And with this list and those accomplishments above, 2024 should be bright.

Thank you

I want to deeply thank all of our volunteers for making everything this organization does and stands for possible. You are the shining examples of professionalism in our industry.

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