What’s happened in the NSITSP in the last couple of years?

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If you're sitting on the sidelines wondering if it's time to join and are wondering what we've been up to and what our plans for the future are, have a listen.


Marvin Bee and I had a conversation on his podcast recently. In the end, the NSITSP gained a new friend in Marvin and a new company member. He’s inspired to help us gain exposure and we really appreciate his support.

Marvin told me that he was one of those people that wanted to sit on the sideline and wait to see if the NSITSP was going to be the real deal. He’s been watching what we’re doing and has become convinced that it’s time he gets involved.

Maybe that’s you too? If you’re sitting on the sidelines wondering if it’s time to join and are wondering what we’ve been up to and what our plans for the future are, have a listen.

Spoiler alert: It’s time to join

Here is the summary of the podcast

In this episode, Uncle Marv introduces the topic of the NSITSP, highlighting the necessity for IT service providers to have a voice in shaping industry standards and regulations. Amy Babinchak joins the discussion, shedding light on the origins of NSITSP and its mission to professionalize the IT industry by establishing codes of conduct and ethics.

NSITSP stands for the National Society of IT Service Providers, a professional association representing SMB (small and medium business) IT consultants. They focus on education, professionalism, and promoting growth within the IT industry. NSITSP offers membership opportunities that provide access to webinars, online training, and professional development resources for IT consultants.

The conversation delves into the parallels between IT services and other regulated industries like auto repair or accounting, emphasizing the need for clear standards and career progression within IT services. The NSITSP aims to enhance the credibility of the IT industry by promoting ethical practices and fostering a sense of professionalism among service providers.

Moreover, Uncle Marv and Amy discuss the challenges faced by IT professionals in gaining recognition and influence in legislative matters. The NSITSP’s efforts to educate members on legislative issues, provide legislative tracking, and empower self-representation signify a step towards ensuring that IT service providers have a seat at the table in policy discussions.

605 Inside the National Society of IT Service Providers (itbusinesspodcast.com)

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Check out the brand new Code of Ethics presented at the Quarterly Member Meeting on Nov 9. It’s still a draft,  feedback welcome.

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