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If you haven't seen what the AI working group is doing yet, then you need to log onto and grab the resources.


If you haven’t seen what the AI working group is doing yet, then you need to log onto and grab the resources. The group, led by Steve Kazan, is producing webinars and a toolkit to teach you how to use AI and think about how to integrate it into your business.

For example, the AI Tool Kit is a working document on how to use AI, plus a list of the webinars past and present they have and are producing.

AI Toolkit

This comprehensive kit not only helps you learn how to use AI but connects you with key contacts at leading corporations, provides suggestions for useful Ai applications and more.

Content of the toolkit

  • Purpose
  • Group Members
  • Section Links
  • Useful Blogs / Websites
  • Blogs / Newsletter and Articles
  • Key contacts
  • Useful MSP Tools
  • ChatGP Tools
  • Softland Partners
  • AI Techniques & Best Practices 2023
  • Sample Tool List
  • Studies
  • NSITSP Webinar Topics
    • Webinar #1
    • Webinar # 2
    • Webinar #3
  • Appendix 1: Basis ChatGPT Prompts
    • Instructional/Guidance
    • Problem-Solving
    • Content Creation
    • Analysis/Comparison
    • Communication
    • Research
    • Personal/Professional Development
    • Productivity
    • Planning/Strategy

There’s a section of 40 beginner prompts for AI, broken down into topics. Here’s one of those sections.


  1. Analyze pros and cons of [two options].
  2. Offer three innovative solutions for [specific problem].
  3. Troubleshoot [common problem/error].
  4. Improve decision-making skills in [specific context].
  5. Manage stress and maintain work-life balance.
  6. Streamline and automate [specific process/workflow].


The AI Roundtable is also organizing webinars. These will help you start using AI, understand the risks and talk to your clients about AI.

Webinar #1 (recording available)
Title: Using AI Tools to Market Your MSP

Webinar # 2 (September)
Topic: AI Cyber Security, Risk and Data Governance

Webinar #3 (October)
Title: AI and Operational Efficiency: Separating Hype from Reality and Practicality

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